Monday, September 02, 2002

Well there, that's better. Not that I have had all that much to say today, mind you. I've been doing little things, and a little writing, and a few other little things... and preparing myself for the idea of going to the zoo tomorrow. I wish Russ liked zoos so we could go together, but he really doesn't. That's all right -- I understand about really not liking to go somewhere. It just sounds like fun to me, to show him all the neat stuff I love there.

I've started getting my camera batteries all fired up. Sometimes I forget to do that and I'm trying to charge them off the car battery on the way down. Ah, one is done now -- time to slip in the next one!

And I took a nice, calm bath and got the next scene in Muse to unfold, which is great. It's sort of a real change of pace suddenly, and I was having trouble making the transition.

There. Battery # 2 in to charge. Two more after that. I want to buy a couple more new ones, though. I bought one a few weeks ago and realize now that all of the others are getting older and not holding the charge as well. Russ suggested we replace them all (eventually) and leave these batteries with the FD91. Sounds like a good plan. The FD91 doesn't take as much power as the CD1000, and if a batter dies in the middle of it, at the worst you're only going to mess up a single floppy disk.

But... time to go write!

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