Monday, September 23, 2002

There are now 100 days left in the year. My daily writing count is now sitting at 2926. For some reason I just can't drop below that 2900 mark. It's very odd. I do normally get a few 4-5000 word days here and there, but I haven't lately, and I think I know why. I'm doing 2-3000 every day, so it's steady work, and no sudden surges after a 500-1000 word day. I am also working on some pretty steady stories, so there aren't likely to be any real leaps there, at least until I get down toward the end.

Today I'm back to the regular work. The fun little weekend project might get a paragraph here and there during the week, but only if I get all the other stuff done. I'm hoping to write the ending to Aria Wakes either today or tomorrow, too. And I'm am finally starting to get a feel for a very interesting subthread for Eliora's World. I must finish the last touches to Dacey's Dream first though, and that will likely be done not long after Aria Wakes.

Hmmm... I seem to be in a 'sleeping mode' theme here...

No wonder I take so many naps lately.

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