Thursday, September 19, 2002

And today has not been a stellar day. I came within the last cut for the Low Port Anthology, but didn't make it. I would have liked to have gotten into that one for reasons that are not at all logical. Ah well. This is part of writing, I know... but right now I'm not entirely sure what the up side of writing is, as far as publishing is concerned.

I am starting to think it's time for a real job. Odd thought, but there it is. I haven't sold anything since last March, though part of that is because I've put so much of my time into the eight books. I have faith that I could still be making a few e-sales here and there if I put my mind to it, and I love both e-publishing and all the people it puts me in contact with -- but I am, alas, at the 'need funds' stage of life as well.

I have absolutely no urge to write tonight. I'll go for my bottom line 500 words and see if anything kicks in.

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