Monday, September 30, 2002

Had several emails from Russ tonight. That was nice. I've written a little over 1000 words, and I'm about to hit a very emotional (I hope) scene.

I had to think a bit about this, though. So I decided to make some muffins from a mix we bought.

Only... I got lazy. I mixed them up. Just add a little milk, grease the muffin cups, and bake. Not so hard, you'd think, right? But I got as far as the mixed... looked at it there in the glass bowl, and thought what the hell. I shoved it in the microwave for five minutes at medium.

It came out perfectly. A nice little cake like thing. I'll make some brown sugar cinnamon frosting next time. It was like a wonderful little coffee cake. I ate half of it. Didn't have to dirty more dishes, start the oven, wait fifteen minutes, etc.

I ate half of it. Now back to work.

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