Monday, September 30, 2002

I finally went to bed about 10am, woke up around 5pm. And had this 'You've played around enough' feeling -- it's time to do some serious writing. But first I took care of everything around the house and read my emails. I have one web site to do, plus my regular journal website. Both of those will be short.

I've had several days of little more than 1000 words. That's fine -- I don't need more than that most of the time. But I do want to finish up the work on a couple of these novels. Now is the time, when I'm fired up like this, to kick into the work. I rather hope this carries over into the next month. In fact, I'd love to have some real writing days or the next week while Russ is still gone. Make me feel like I've done something rather than sit around and stare at the walls.

And it is the last day of the month. I'd like to do well, just to keep things looking nice for this year. I'm still well within in the one-million goal, though I've fallen back in the world count quite a bit again. I need a couple good days to bring that down as well.

Cats are fed, though I am not yet. Well, that will make a nice break a little later. It's coming up on 7pm, and I think I'll just start my only little marathon from there, and see how I do. I'm only looking for 3-4000 tonight, which really isn't that much. It just feels like it after so many 1000 word days.

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