Monday, September 16, 2002

And there. Well over what I need, even with a few breaks. I'm going to find something to eat, and then come back to the final edits on For the Honor of the Hunt, I think.

I also need to work up some posts for Forward Motion now that I have the Vision board. I hadn't thought it would come through quite this quickly, and I have to get some things there! Ack!

Long couple of days, with a lot more going on than I like sometimes, but at least my brain seems to have been engaged today. I like when that happens. I hope that it can stay in there at least through the rest of Dacey's Dream. I'm up to 72,000 words. Anywhere between 75-80,000 will be enough -- and I think that will come through the final edits. Though I've made some changes that are going to mean some drastic changes in the original material before the subplot got put in -- but that happens. And it's for the better.

Just means more work. Not bad, though. Once I get the last section of subplot written -- probably tomorrow -- I can begin the final run on the story. And then off it will go.

Of course, that means I'll be up to Eliora's World, and I don't quite have a grasp of what to do with that one yet. I have the main plot, but... it needs more, and it needs depth...

Okay, don't worry about that before I get number 4 done, right? Maybe I shouldn't tax my poor brain on yet more plot problems before I have this one worked out.

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