Tuesday, September 24, 2002

I didn't nap. I slept. For hours. Allergies are playing up right now -- dry end of summer, lots of wind today, and it just became too much trouble to sit up, breathe, and think all at the same time. Never mind writing.

This, of course, has put me way behind on writing. But I'm about to go attack Aria Wakes and see if I can't get it tot he end of the story.

And my regular journal doesn't want to upload, of course. What would the night be like if things just uploaded without any trouble.

On the other hand, the new server for Forward Motion is already kicking in for some of us. I'm pleased that I'm able to get there so quickly.

Time to get some real work done, too. Not much farther to go on this story, and then it will be back to Dacey's Dream. I'm just in the mood to finish something right now, and Aria Wakes is the only thing within reach.

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