Sunday, September 01, 2002

Gack. That was a really difficult 31 pages, and in the end I only gained about 500 words. I had only meant to do 25 pages, but as often happens, that put me in the midst of a scene that absolutely required continuity. The choice was to stop there, go back a few pages and start over tomorrow on the same scene, or work through to the end of the chapter. #2 seemed the far wiser choice to me.

However, that does take me through about 10% of the story -- at least as much of it as I have now. And it also means that I can work on Muse again. (grin) Although... you know, I'm tempted to do 500 words on Ada first. I've had the papers sitting here for days, with little notes scribbled on them, and it might not hurt to do a couple pages there.

Ah, but first I have to go hunt up a picture and do my journal entry for the day.

I can find more reasons not to work on something some days...

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