Tuesday, September 24, 2002

10403 and done.

3582 for the day.

I'd say my little plan of just waiting until the story caught worked.

And now I'm down to only three unfinished pieces for this year. They're all novels, though. Still, Dacey is almost there, and while Eliora will take a bit more work than I thought it would, I am finally getting the feel for what I want from it. Freedom and Fame is still in the outline by notecard stage, with barely a few paragraphs added in here and there as I work along.

I feel better now. I think I'll go look at the other stories and see what else I can do tonight. Or maybe I'll go take a nice, relaxing bath.

At any rate, I'm done with that story -- at least until some later date when I look at a rewrite.

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