Sunday, September 01, 2002

And now we're on to another month. I've opened up Dacey's Dream for the penultimate edit. I still have a little material to add in, but I should have it done no later than mid-month. We're sitting at 64,707 and I hope, with the final parts of the new subplot written, that it will be close to 80,000.

I have copied my work files from the Dare folder to the Current Work folder. There are, I think, four novels there to work on in various stages -- Dacey's Dream, Eliora's World, Ada Nish Pura, and Muse. Eliora will sit now until I have the final pieces of Dacey done, and then that books gets to fall into the final rewrite section. Muse is moving only very well, and it stays in the 'new material' slot until I get the first draft done -- probably another 30-40,000 words. Ada is the odd story out, and I suspect the one I'm going to working on at 11:30PM on December 31st, determined to get it done before midnight. (Yes, that has happened before.)

It's very odd to find myself working on so many novels at once. Usually it's a novel or two and a couple short stories. But in this case, Dacey and Eliora are part of the same set, and there is a small part of Eliora that I needed to forshadow in Dacey, so I went ahead and wrote the first draft of the main story line for it. It came in a little over 40,000 words and allows me to set up material in Dacey for it without guessing how I will want it to play out in the next book.

Sometime this month I will likely get back the final edits on two or three novels, and that's going to slow me up again. So I'm going to try and push now while I have the time.

September is a month without a Dare and a month without an issue of Vision due out... hmmm.... In fact, I can't think of much of anything that is going to need my attention.

So, time to write. Dacey's Dream, starting count 64,707. I'm only going to do a few hundred words on this one today, and then go back to Muse.

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