Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I don't know what time Russ will be home today, but at least I got some housework done. Not a lot, but I feel a little better about it.

The cats are being remarkably good about the fact that I made myself food, but haven't fed them. I'll have to take care of that soon, too.

It looks as though 20 pages a day is the number for the edits of Dacey, at least for the moment. I hope that once I get farther into it, and let myself flow with the story, it will go better.

So... off to work. The cat sharks have started to gather after all. Well, I'm going to write for a few mintues and then worry about feeding them. After all, I'm too stuffed now to get up and get them food. (Like that attitude is going to pull any weight around here...)

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