Sunday, September 22, 2002

I just got the last of the agenda done. Yes, this late... but I did have long breaks in there. In fact, I almost forgot to do the last part of the web work, but it's done now and I don't have to think about it again for a bit.

But I've come up with a new way to waste time, and I'm having great fun at it. I'm doing a set of 'Encyclopedia' books for my stories. The two main universes, one other that only has a few short stories in it so far, and a miscellaneous one as well. I've just started the SF one, and I'm having lots of fun... except for the slight problem of not remembering some of the short stories. No matter. I'm getting there. I'm doing short descriptions of each story and jotting down some keywords, as well as a time/place note, for each of the

It was a good thing to work on today, because I had the agenda and had problems with it. But all seems to be well now.

This is going to be my weekend (mostly) project. My version of taking a day off.

I'll probably not get much farther tonight, but I'm enjoying the fun of pulling these all together and seeing how they interrelate. And seeing things like I've written nine Devlin novels. Might be time for a tenth, if I can get some other things finished. (Which I won't have done any time soon if I keep messing around with stuff like this...)

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