Monday, September 09, 2002

Ah yes. There. Better writing day so far than I've had lately. Within a couple hundred of my goal already, and it's just a bit after one in the morning.

I'm a much better person to live with when stories are going well. Sad, but true. I feel sorry for Russ on those days when I'm in a really foul 'I can't write it right' mood. He puts up with it, though. And who knows... it may yet pay off. Muse is going well. Muse might even have real selling potential, though I'm too close to it to be certain. Still, good to feel that way while I'm writing it, because it helps to make sure I keep the joy of what I'm writing in the work. And this one has just been fun, even if I did lose a bit of that fill toward the start of second half. It's back now.

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