Saturday, September 28, 2002

Russ is somewhere between Chicago and New York about now. He will not be back home until a week from tomorrow.

It's odd, the first day he's gone on these long trips. I have trouble getting my priorities set right away. Should I pull out stuff and clean? Should I sit down and just write straight through on a couple things I need to get done? No, hold it -- it's the weekend, so I can do 'fun stuff' with writing again.

Do I want to try to clean out the library -- which has gotten stacked with boxes and stuff -- and clean out my office as well?

Do I want to finish up Dacey's Dream and get it out of my hands?

How about all of the above?

Nah, once I decide on a writing project, the library stuff will be forgotten. That's the unfortunate truth my life. So we'll see what I end up doing. Right now, I think I'll forage for a little food and check out the cats.

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