Friday, September 06, 2002

I ended up with over 3000 words last night. That really helped. I hope to do a good amount today, but the cold has kicked in pretty badly, and I'm in a less than thrilled mood over it. And I need to come up with a scene that makes it apparent who the real target was in the previous incident. Under the circumstances, I'm not really certain how to do it. That's a bit annoying.

It's one of the reasons I stopped writing last night. I'm up to one cute scene, but then I'll be into this unknown territory for a few thousand words, and I would really like to have something worked out. Something unique would be good, of course...

It's hot here today. I am so grateful the AC is working in my office. But suddenly... I think I need to rest a bit. With my notepaper. And half a brain working on the story.

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