Friday, September 13, 2002

The change in POV worked very well, actually. The material is moving slowly, but I know now that I am on the right track. This change and some serious character weeding will help. It's time to get the notecards out and start writing out the scenes down and start working out what I really expect out of this particular book. I was doing it off the cuff, and that's not working as well as it could. I've gotten a lot of writing done -- over 2400 words, but it was put in a piece, take it out, change the play of events, rewrite something I took out... not exactly the best way to do this work.

However, having gotten that much on Freedom and Fame, I'm going to turn my attention back to Dacey's Dream for a little while. That one is a little more difficult, of course. It's in that little 'mid-way' edit/rewrite where little things are changing, and I have to tune everything to fit better. I hope to add 500-1000 words a day to the material as well, for just a few more days. I still have two big scenes to write that will add quite a bit to the novel, but I'm working my way up through what I have already, so that I can fall into the material with a little better feel for the growing rebellion between princes and the king. I like what I've gotten so far in that respect. I hope I can continue to hold that feel.

Time to go back to work...

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