Saturday, September 21, 2002

Oh yes, I've done it. Last year's total was 701,782 words. Right now I'm at 701,845 with a bit more to do tonight which should put it at about 702,000.

And I got a couple very nice scenes -- one really unexpected in Ada Nish Pura that will just emphasize what happens next. I have a short story inching up to 6000 words that I think will be done tomorrow or the next day... not much left there, and if I leapt at it, I could probably have it done tonight. But I want to think the last bits out just a little more.

Dacey has moved from 'add in pieces' to final draft phase. I will not get as many new words on it now, and in fact may lose a few on some days, but it's coming closer to finally being out of my hands. I'm only a few pages into it now, but I like the feel so far.

And with all of that, it's time to get back to work and get done for the night. I'd like to be in bed before dawn... though it doesn't seem likely right now.

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