Tuesday, September 10, 2002

I finished the first draft of Muse last night. 65,434 words, as I recall. I also have a bunch of notes still, and a list of sort of 'walk on' characters to explore and expand. It shoudl easily be 80-90,000 by the end.

We are celebrating with pizza tonight. Celebrating both the completion of the first draft, and also that we got a small check in the mail -- enough to cover the car insurance, restock the cat food (a high priority in this house), and buy a pizza. What more can a person ask for?

Muse will take backstage now for a little while as I finish up Dacey's Dream. I will still be doing notes because I don't want to lose any little flashes of inspiration that come to me, but the book itself will (I think) go on hold for a couple weeks, at least.

Dacey is next on the list for my attention. I have notes for it, too, and I'm coming close to finishing it off. I'll get this draft done, let it sit for a couple days, and do a final reading before it goes off. Then Eliora's World moves up into the expand and edit phase, and I'll work on writing out the first draft of the sixth book. I may move Muse into line before Eliora -- it's hard to say. I haven't got the final edits back on book three or four, so I'm still well ahead of the game there.

Or is that books two and three? Yeah. Dacey is four. Good. I can count.

Pizza should be here at any moment....

And there is still, floating around out there, Ada Nish Pura to finish up before the end of the year.

Odd, though... I suddenly have the urge to write short stories...

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