Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ummm.... Hello!


I'm embarrassed to not have come back here more often. I don't know why I don't. I think about it now and then, but almost immediately get buried under something else. And it's not been a good month or two anyway. Maybe if I feel as though I have something good to write about, I'll come back here?

I am writing, of course. I had to do something I've rarely had to do in the past, though. Since I have a nonfiction book due in early September, and it was just dragging along, I dropped everything else and won't allow myself to write any fiction until I'm done with it.

That little ploy worked. I have about 7,000 more words to go. I expect to be done within a week. And you know what? I'm actually enjoying it. Once I forced myself to concentrate, the book started to flow and I've been having a great time writing it.

The only other real work I have is for the DAZ Newsletter. It's going pretty well, too. Other things... not so great in many ways, but I'm pulling through it. Russ might be home around the 8th of August, though we're not certain. I hope he can make it. I'd like a little human company for a day or two. And maybe get away from the house, too.

Though, on the really good side, I have started taking walks at dawn most mornings. I found that the local bike path goes down to the river, which makes a pleasant place to walk, partly through some wild trees and then through corn fields and down under the railroad bridge. It's generally cool enough in the mornings that it doesn't bother me. Heat and I don't get along at all. There are lots of birds, rabbits, and I saw a couple raccoons, too. I've been told that in the spring and fall there are a good many deer -- which are there now, but you can't see them because the corn is too high.

I am behind on a few other things, though. The second Silky book should have been turned in this month. I just couldn't do it. I will have it done in August.

And I have so many unfinished projects from this year that I'm not certain how I'm going to get them all written before the end of December! There's something to really push me on to get this one done! I'm running out of time. That doesn't happen very often!

I am tempted to try and make a daily entry here for a while, just to get back into the habit of it. And you know, talk about that writing stuff that I enjoy so much.
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