50 Years Writing Project

This is a spot where I will list the 50 books for this project as I publish them. I will add the newer books to the top. Before each title will be a number that indicates the number in the project, not the number it may be in a given series (Those are indicated by Book 1, Book 2, etc. after the title where they are needed.) The list of possible books is listed at the end of the page.
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Already Published:

(50!!) News from the Front

(Science Fiction)

If you can't help your own people...

Freelance reporter Alyn Naevon has started making a name for himself by covering stories about the oppressed people on different worlds. Vidline News, the top reporting service in the Inner Words, wants to hire him to report on the civil unrest on Tempest. It's the chance of a lifetime. Unfortunately, Tempest is the one world Alyn should avoid. Vidline News doesn't give these chances twice, and the assignment could lead to a coveted permanent position. Just go in, file a few reports, and get out. How difficult could it be?

He might survive ... as long as no one on either side of the trouble looks too closely at him.

(49)Tales from Elsewhere

(Urban Fantasy)

Mark had known his life would change after high school, but he had expected the changes to wait until graduation, at least.

Then he killed the sheriff's son in self-defense. Sheriff Creston wasn't going to believe that his son had turned into a monster with fangs, fur, and claws, so Mark rushed to escape through the gate into Elsewhere and hide for a while. However, from the moment Mark reached the gate things turned worse, and now it seems as though everything in the magical realm is out to get him -- and it has nothing to do with what happened back in the human world.

Originally written as three flash fiction serials on my Joyously Prolific Blog, this new version has been expanded and (I hope) the inconsistencies corrected.

So welcome to the crazy life of Mark Ward, his fae-employed cousin Maggie, and Edmond, the talking cat. They -- and you -- are in for an adventure or two.

(48) Differential Equations

(YA, Mystery)

Sixteen-year-old Faith St. Aubin -- whose mother is black and father is white -- is about to have her only-child life upset by the arrival of her cousin Logan, a skinhead whose barely polite answers and secretive actions point to a lot of trouble.  How is she supposed to deal with someone like him in her own home?

But maybe things aren't as clearcut as they seem....

(47) Rat Pirates

(Science Fiction)

What happens when you introduce the dangerous Port Rat gangs of Caliente (Badlands) to the ingenious Lindy Pirates of the Aquila Fringe (Vita's Vengeance)? You get a whole new level of danger and adventure!

This book includes spoilers for the other two novels. However, it can stand on its own.

(46) Written in the Sand

 The Gods are returning and bringing chaos with them.

The only hope of survival the desert tribes have lies with the ancient Standard of the Gods and the mysterious powers it holds. However, getting the Standard to the sacred city of Tiamarta isn't going to be an easy journey, especially for Gareth, a man born in the northern lands of mountains and snow, and now one of the two men who has taken an oath to see the Standard to safety.

With enemies on all sides and chaos closing in, anything can happen. The future is written in the sand, and a change of wind can change -- or erase -- everything.

(45) Tales from Grey Station 9

(Science Fiction)
 Welcome to Grey Station 9....

When Ra wakes up on the cold metal floor, he fears past deeds have caught up with him. The truth is worse: his boss, the Head of Security, drugged him and stole his travel chit. Ra didn't know the ship was the last one scheduled to visit Grey Station 9. Now he is trapped in a disaster waiting to happen.

(44) Circe's Gifts


Circe's sacred forest is a place where wounded and hunted animals can find sanctuary.  She and her long-time companions -- a one-eyed wolf, a cat with a limp, and a tailless mouse -- have lived quietly until a wounded young man wanders into her woods, followed by those who are hunting him.  When the All-Mother lets Circe know that she must help Tiernan, the best she can do is to send her friends to protect him, though they cannot go in their animal forms.

(43) Raventower and Merriweather 2: War


War has come to the city of Kamere.  The Atrian ships are blockading the coast and occasionally landing troops in attempts to either take the city or to capture some of Sedina's coastline.

The villages inland are in chaos, food supplies are already growing scarce, and several areas of the city are in ruins.  However, the Sedina forces -- Army, Navy, and Air Patrol -- are keeping the mass of Atrians out.

Atrian assassins are still trying to kill Lord Raventower.  More worrisome than that, however, is the Atrian's dangerous interest in the object lying on the ocean floor near Raventower itself.

Clockwork giant spiders, glowing women -- family dinner gatherings with the Merriweathers -- Micalus Raventower is not certain even the redoubtable Captain Merriweather and his clockwork creations can keep him safe from all the trouble he's attracting.

(42) Devlin's Team # 4: Missing Persons  

(Science Fiction)

Devlin's team has spent over a year on earth at Keri's chateau recovering from the Terra Nova assignment. Finally given a new job by the Inner Worlds Council Security, Devlin, Dancer, and Cha journey to Astrakhan where several scientists have disappeared. Etech Cha Hao Chan looks like excellent bait and Devlin is grateful for a straight-forward assignment this time.
Unfortunately, they trust the wrong people.... 


Four years ago at the age of 18, Derek Lee Stuart went to prison for a robbery he didn't commit. The last thing he wanted to do was return to Winterwood -- but when his grandmother asks him to visit for the holidays, he can't say no to the one person who still believed in him.

Unfortunately, everything from a snow storm to another robbery seems to be against him. The quiet visit with his grandmother is turning into a nightmare.

(Urban Fantasy)

The newest fae lord has to hold the Winter Court.
What could possibly go wrong?

Ancient Assyrian Gods
Massive Snow Storms
Irate Drug Lords
Inquisitive FBI Agents
Determined Fae Assassins
Holiday Family Gatherings


Lord Micalus Raventower is a genius at creating clockwork creatures and tinkering with steampunk engines, but that doesn’t explain why Atiran assassins are suddenly intent on killing him. Lt.  Merriweather is assigned to protect Lord Raventower, a role she initially resents since it takes her away from the castle and any chance of advancement to the King's Guard.  

Trouble is brewing for the city of Kamere.  Atrian warships stand off the coast, and there are enemies even within the ranks of the nobility itself. Merriweather and the eccentric young lord will have quite a job keeping him alive as well as hiding his more unusual secrets.  She soon learns there may be very good reasons for the Atrians to want Lord Raventower dead.

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/673823
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MG1G4FF

(38) Ruins


Lee went to prison for the murder of a young woman, but five years later the true killer had been found and he was free again.

His wife had remarried and taken their son with her. His parents had gone back to Greece. With nothing to tie him to the East Coast, Lee heads for the American Southwest on a whim. There he meets Cheveyo Rey, the owner of a piece of land others want to bulldoze for a new high-end elitist community.

Lee and Chev are willing to fight to protect the land and the unusual archeology finds discovered there.

Unfortunately, the Red Sun Corporation is willing to kill for what they want.

(Science Fiction)

Kostin Helena's death affects not only the powerful Five Families of Caine’s Hold, but also creates trouble for the off-world appointed Chief Magistrate Altay. She works to contain the riots while Baran Helena, Kostin’s unpopular successor, pushes to take command of the entire world. However, Kostin's second son is living precariously as a street singer, and may be the only hope for peace.

(Urban Fantasy)

Skye's human half-sister has disappeared, drawing him into contact with his estranged human mother who is convinced Skye is to blame. Adding to Skye's problems is an unfortunate encounter with his father, the Emerald House Ambassador, and a malicious gargoyle who insists that Skye locates his missing stone of power -- itself a dangerous magical relic that will warp the humans who come in contact.

(Science Fiction/Fantasy)

In the far future, after humanity has spread across the stars, the Norse Gods ask a former companion's help, but Loki may not be ready for another round of Ragnarok. Reluctantly drawn into the battle against the Chinese Pantheon, his connection to chaos might be all that saves the Norse Gods and humanity from destruction at the hands of an awakening elder god.

(Science Fiction)

When the captain's gambling finally caught up with him, two crewmembers, an enigmatic passenger and a local Port Rat on the run from trouble come up with a daring plan that may save them all . . . or kill them. How desperate are they? 

(Urban Fantasy)

Summerfield's life is complicated enough dealing with two groups of exiled fae, a juvenile dragon who tends to eat cell phones and his new fellow reporter at Woo Woo news, the shapeshifting Cat Clan totem. However, Halloween is nearing and things are taking a turn for the decidedly odd . . . and dangerous.

(Science Fiction)

How much of a shock would it take to bring down civilization on the oldest colony? Devlin is afraid she's going to find out when a plague strikes Terra Nova, unless she and her team can stop the spread of something no one truly understands. 


Two young men, vying for a post at court, find themselves caught in a web of magic, murder and mystery while enemies of the empire make a daring attack that may destroy them all. It's a time of treachery, war . . . and the making of legends. 

(Urban Fantasy)

Bunny always knew her family was odd, but she never realized how strange until she found herself joining her brothers in an ageless war against magic she never knew existed. It's time to let the Inner Bunny loose as she battles trolls and worse. 


Prince Nishanan is taken against his will from the golden sands of the south to live with relatives in the dark, bleak castle of Maxillia. Mistrusting everyone, he soon finds that he has the interest of Thrulan, a dark and dangerous mage who has brought him to this winter land -- but for what purpose?

(Science Fiction/Humor)

A Tale of Spies, Aliens, and Very Bad Timing

The year is 1996 and the Sangre sisters think they work for the UN However, when things get out of hand over the Christmas holidays, they learn they're in the employ of aliens and their lives are about to become extremely complicated with mutants, time travel and psychic crossword puzzle books.

(27) Badlands 

(Science Fiction)

The small settlement on the world of Caliente is suffering from a devastating drought and the two segments of the population are coming to blows over the remaining water. Someone has to be daring to keep everyone alive and Carmen del Santo Palo, a leader of one of the gangs, is reluctantly taking up the challenge.    

(Young Adult Mystery)

Marisha Fortier is only days from high school graduation. Living in the exclusive community of Deervale, she is surrounded by security and riches. Deervale, however, isn't without trouble. Over a year ago, a drug-related auto accident left Gian, the boy next door, in a wheelchair. And now Akio, the person who was driving that car, has returned to Deervale for her father's funeral.
Gian is recovering, and Akio has spent months in hospitals as well -- but can Marisha deal with the return of her former best friend? Can she bring herself to believe that Akio is not a monster? As Marisha tries to reconcile her conflicting emotions, she finds herself drawn closer to Gian, and inexplicably becomes the target of someone's wrath as she begins to question what happened on the night of that accident. 

(Science Fiction)

An abandoned alien space station is the backdrop as humans and three other alien races try to learn the secrets that will unlock the mysteries of this unusual place. After a tragic accident, one human has developed a strong link to whatever controls the station, making a dangerous alliance.

(Science Fiction)

Devlin has arrived on Summer where she expects to do nothing more than keep watch over Cha and Dancer. However, even before the two arrive, she's found trouble of a different kind. Even though the people of Summer are leaving as the world begins a long, inhospitable descent into winter, there's still time for deceit, lies and murder. 

(Science Fiction)

Alsandor Vita has returned home with bad news for those who hoped outsiders would help against a treacherous enemy poised to invade their world. Despite the situation, Alsandor hadn't expected dramatic changes in his own future, but unusual circumstances soon give him a chance to fight the war in ways he never expected, leading Alsandor into a perilous world of secret identities and dangerous allies.

The war will affect the lives of others as well, from generals to presidents and from farm boys to pirates -- all caught in a tangle of deceptions, desperation and lies. 


Katashan left behind his past; all the good and the bad, including his belief that the gods would help him in a time of need. Moving to a new land, he has every intention of starting a new life. What he finds, though, is the body of a woman sacrificed at the foot of a statue to a benevolent goddess. Katashan is soon caught up in a mix of magical and political troubles -- and drawing far too much attention from the gods he no longer serves.

(21) Mirrors 

(Urban Fantasy)

Half-fae, genderless and mistrusted by his full-blooded magical relatives, Skye Emerald McFaeland is unexpectedly drawn into a dangerous power-play a few days before the choosing of the next fae ruler. Will Skye find the answers to stop someone from gaining control of the fae -- or will he be the final key the enemy needs to succeed?

(20) Glory 

(Near-Future Urban Fantasy)

In the Great Smokey Mountains a creature of Egyptian myth, accidentally pulled into this world years before, has slowly been interacting and mutating with local Cherokee mythology. Amam is a shape-shifter who steals the form of humans he kills. He has been building circles of power as he prepares to bring more of his kind into the world. It's nearing the Egyptian New Year when his plans will be fulfilled....
The world has changed. Massive earthquakes, and dangerous wars brought civilization almost to an end. Small communities, mostly self-sufficient, have sprung up across the land. Lawlessness is slowly being quelled once more and connections reestablished. 
Gloryanna Del Mar (Glory) is an Earth Security International (ESI) agent, whose usual job is to help the recovering local police forces with jobs which might need outside resources. She once lived in the area where Amam is building his circles of power, and when she sees the reports about earthquakes, rapes, murders and now human sacrifice, she knows she has to go back. 
Glory knows magic is involved in these killings. She even has some association with it, having accidentally opened a door that brought an Egyptian goddess, Eset, back to the world. Eset is better known as Isis, and with Glory as her high priestess -- and only true follower -- she has been working in this reality again. Now Glory realizes Eset is not the only one of her kind in the world. With the Egyptian New Year only days away, she will not have much time to stop a problem she doesn't yet fully comprehend. Added to the problem is the arrival of another ESI agent, Talis Ford, from whom she must keep her secrets while trying to solve this dangerous assignment.

(19) Muse 


Welcome to Muse. . . .
Stranded when his car breaks down, Killian Dain Fox overhears a cop and a gas station clerk discussing murder and the exchange of money. Although he tries to believe he misheard the conversation, by the time K.D. meets a few more of the locals, he's convinced the entire small town is inhabited by a gang of murderers.
Between the massive storms that threaten to flood the town, a would-be killer on the loose, and his growing attraction to the town's pretty mayor, Killian Dain Fox is on a rollercoaster of a ride in a place he least expected it . . . Nebraska.

(Science Fiction)

Devlin is a top agent for the Inner Worlds Council Security force -- a spy in common terms -- and she's not very happy with an assignment to the backwater world of Forest. There is one anomaly, though: The brutal show known as Bear Dancing pits a human against a native life form. When a top-ranking scientist arrives on world, Devlin thinks she might be able to pick up a little bit more information. And that's something the locals fear.


Eliza lived with Princess Sondra as her trusted companion until civil war tore her from her friend's side. Now she must learn to live in a world filled with intrigue and danger, where the use of her magic might get her killed . . . and where it is getting increasingly difficult to tell friend from foe.

(16) Summer Storm (Book 1, Summerfield) 

(Urban Fantasy)

Summerfield grew up traveling from one odd place to another while his parents searched for enlightenment.
And yes, he does work for the nation's leading paranormal publication, Wolton World News -- or Woo Woo News as the scoffing locals call it.
That doesn't mean he's prepared for all kinds of weirdness in the last place he expected to find it . . . Omaha, Nebraska.

(15) Ada Nish Pura (IWC Universe) 

(Science Fiction)

Fighter Pilot Marcus Trevor is the only survivor of a treacherous attack against the star ship on which he served. Injured and alone, he must take refuge on the world of Kailani, a place of vast stretches of water and where a large portion of the population is genetically adapted to living in the sea.
With the enemy taking over this mineral rich world, Marcus must work with the locals while waiting for help to return. And it is here that he learns the true meaning of civilization and honor.
Ada = Decision
Nish = No
Pura = Return
Sometimes there is no going back. 

(The Silky books are listed in the order they should be read (Book 1-3), with the (#) simply for the list total of books published.)

(14) Silky


Life as a slave robbed Silky of his magical abilities and left him with no expectations of a better life -- until his own act of bravery delivered him into the hands of a powerful Lord of the Land.
Working with Lord Reed starts him along a path that will lead to power, danger and heartbreak . . . and a future the young slave boy could never have imagined.
"Exciting, complex and richly textured, with a world you'll believe and a protagonist you have to cheer for -- Silky is wonderful." Holly Lisle (Quote from original 1998 Embiid Publishing release.)

(13) Silky 2: Lord of the Land


Wealth and power can't buy safety for the former slave boy who has become one of the most powerful people in the land of Anthica, and even the backing of the Queen won't always keep him safe.
Personal danger, however, will never stop Silky from doing what is right and continuing the work Lord Reed put into his hands.

(12) Silky 3: The Queen's Champion 


The Jainta have invaded Anthica, and while Dalton remains behind to help lead the army in a fight for survival, Silky and the Queen take a perilous trip across the sea -- a dangerous journey that pits them against a merciless enemy and sets Silky against his worst nightmares.

(11) Kat Among the Pigeons 

(Urban Fantasy)

Katlyn is a member of a fae clan whose job is to stand the line between human and magical lands, a secret she has trouble hiding from her new human boyfriend even before she unexpectedly finds the fate of the world in her hands.
She isn't magically strong, and unlike other fae who understand all animals, she only caught birds and cats -- not a good combination. However, when she isn't able to reach other fae for help, Kat and her boyfriend frantically fight the enemy with the aid of a lazy tom cat, an African gray parrot who only speaks in verse, and a wise-cracking cockatiel with a bad attitude.
She's trying very hard not to think the world is doomed.

(10) The Good People of Coralville 

(YA Mystery)

Antoni Battista has spent his life in Chicago, shuffled from one foster home to another, and getting into more and more trouble as he grew older. However, after surviving a drive-by shooting -- in which he is an innocent victim -- Tony unexpectedly is given a chance at a new start. There's just one catch; he's sent to a very strict foster home in a small town.
Tony is determined to stay out of trouble for the next few months when he will graduate and turn eighteen. However, a series of robberies begin just after his arrival in Coralville, making his foster parents suspicious. A murder at the school appears to be the final blow to Tony's second chance... until he, quite literally, runs into the sheriff. . . .
The Good People of Coralville is a three-part interwoven story (complete in one volume) about Tony's life in Coralville. 

(Science Fiction)

After devastating earthquakes have brought Los Angeles to its knees, three policing forces -- often working against each other rather than together -- try to keep the remnants of the city civilized.  Two members of the Local police have the most dangerous job -- made all the more difficult because one of the two has a dangerous secret of his own.

The Dark Staff Series (Fantasy):
Published by Double Dragon from 2002 to 2008
(These are listed in the order they should be read (Book 1-8), with the (#) at the start simply for the list total of books published.)

(8) Aubreyan (Book 1, The Dark Staff Series)

Having the attention of the gods is not always a blessing. . . .
The long, magical wars ended when the elves left the lands of men, conjuring an impenetrable barrier to keep the humans out of their new realm.
They left mankind only with the sorcery he could create, taking all the creatures of magic to Ishan with them... except for one...

(7) Brendan's Song (Book 2, The Dark Staff Series)

For Brendan, music is more than just magic. . . .
Brendan, The Keeper of the Song, is a former slave who became King's Bard, and has kept many secrets down through the years. Not the least of those secrets is that he's not entirely human. Loyal to the royal family, he undertakes a mission to reach the prince and deliver unsettling news of an unexpected danger in the guise of a magician named Tabor who wants the throne for himself.

(6) Crystal and the Stars (Book 3, The Dark Staff Series)

Evil lurks in the darkness between the stars. . . .
Searching for the third piece of the Kiya Chanda Andee, Aubreyan and Tristan find themselves in a place they are in no way prepared to understand -- aboard a craft that sails between the stars, in a reality wider than they can imagine.

(5) Dacey's Dream (Book 4, The Dark Staff Series)

A curse to destroy the world . . . .
Eons ago powerful mages cursed all magical beings to walk the land only in the dead of the night. The people of Dodano hide behind their shuttered windows and locked doors, never looking upon the creatures in the moon light. Gradually growing to despise all magic, they have even turned against the mages and outlawed their powerful art.
However, now an evil that will not be stopped by mere locked doors is stalking the humans.
A shame that in their righteous zeal the people murdered the last true mage, leaving only Dacey, the apprentice, to stand between them and destruction -- that is if they don't capture and kill him as well.

(4) Eliora's World (Book 5, The Dark Staff Series)

Devastation comes in many forms, and sometimes with a lovely face. . . .
Leaving the bright beauty of Dacey’s reality behind, Abby and Tristan find themselves in a dying world draped in gray, where the people are bereft of hope until their arrival. Here Abby finds at least the semblance of peace and a time to rest....
However, the peace is an illusion in a place where the demon has already set his ingenious trap, and the two will face a dangerous struggle that will drive them apart.

(3) Freedom and Fame (Book 6, The Dark Staff Series)

Some friendships are dangerous. . . .
When Crystal and Etric find themselves in an unusual amount of trouble they should have realized that two people they never expected to see again had returned to their reality. Abby and Tristan are back... and so is Tabor, who has problems all his own.
The crews of Freedom and Fame team up to save the emperor, protect the last remaining heir, and face the gods and demons as they again work to help Abby and Tristan in the latest battle of their long war.

(2) Gathering (Book 7, The Dark Staff Series)

No peace for the weary. . . .
With the final confrontation against the demon Gix looming closer, Aubreyan and Tristan seek a short time of peace to recover from their battles. However, Gix moves too quickly, and now the two, along with their allies, are forced into a running war to save other friends whom Gix has targeted.
But Gix has made a mistake. Abby is gathering an army of believers who will follow him even to Gix’s own hell.

(1) Hope in Hell (Book 8, The Dark Staff Series)

The final battle . . . .
Abby’s attempt to keep the others from the final battle only makes them more determined to join him -- at whatever the risk to themselves. As they face the demon at last, Abby is all too aware that his friends are both his strength and his weakness... and he knows they cannot all survive.

Below is a list of books, in alphabetical order, that are potential candidates for the 50 years of novels that I need. As I produce them, I'll mark them off the list.
(Just an easy way for me to keep track without having to keep looking at the blog post list.  This list is apt to change as I decide on the last few books, too.)
  1.  A Plague of Rats (Fantasy)
  2. Tales from Elsewhere (Flash Fiction serials/urban fantasy)
  3. News from the Front (Science Fiction)
  4. Rat Pirates (Science Fiction)
  5. Serendipity Blues (Mystery)
  6. Water/Stone/Light 1 (Fantasy)
  7.  Water/Stone/Light 2 (Fantasy)
  8.  Written in the Sand (Fantasy) 
  9. Differential Equations

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