Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Well, I'm not really surprised by this...

Today, I asked someone who had posted a note for a class they wanted to offer at Forward Motion to please go back in and write the sentences properly -- i.e., with capitals. I pointed out (which has been pointed out to her before, by the way) that when someone offers a class, we would like it to look as professional as possible. And that 'we' is not a royal we -- Holly personally posted to her about this back on Network 54. We discussed it quite a bit back there, in fact.

No one expects perfection. None of us is that good -- but we do expect, in a case like this, to not purposely do something that you know is wrong.

Now, I did not anywhere tell her to use capitals in everything else she posted, but only when she was representing the site. And offering a class is representing Forward Motion -- she's saying she's intelligent enough to teach other people at the site in Forward Motion's name.

Instead, a post like that just screams, "hi, i can't write real sentences, and i'll teach you to do the same!"

She's gone off in huff. If she can't play her way (and never mind that her way is wrong) all the time, she just won't post.

Sorry, I can't feel badly about this. She knows what a proper sentence is, and she's been asked not to do this before. She's not stupid. But it's apparently far easier to be persecuted than to change three or four sentences.

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