Sunday, October 13, 2002

You know, it has felt like a very long day today, but here it is not quite midnight and I only have a couple hundred words to get done for the night. Good. After I get those done I can start work on Sunday's total (since it will be Sunday by then) and not have so much hanging over me after the zoo trip.

Russ is still not here. Soon, I hope.

(About 50 minutes later)

Russ came home with pizza. Good pizza. (grin)

We ate. He's taking a shower and heading for bed. I'm going to finish out my writing and take a shower and head for bed.

The pizza was worth the wait, though...

153 more words to go for the night, and then I kick over to Sunday's word count. Normally I wouldn't do that until after I sleep, but it seems wise to get a little headstart on it today.

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