Monday, October 14, 2002

Yes, yes, I went to the zoo. And came back to odd things going on that I needed to take care of, both on-line and off. And then remembered that I still have more of the damned agenda to get up before tomorrow's meeting.

But I had an interesting day, at least. I'm also totally worn out, of course. Little sleep last night... and Kwi, being such a great cat, knew that we had to wake up early to go, so he came in meeping like a damned alarm clock. Ack.

I just did about the last of the work on the agenda. I'll do a little work on the regular journal, and then a break in the bathtub -- I feel like I'm covered in dust still, and I think I'll have a better chance writing if I don't feel so scrungy.

It was good to get away from the house for a little while. I'm likely not going to get away for a while again, especially since Russ will be back in New York from Thursday -Monday.

Okay, Agenda is as up and ready as I can make it. Time to do my journal and then clean up, and then write, and then sleep, and then...

Ah, life back to normal.

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