Wednesday, October 23, 2002

I lost my feel for the novel when I went to sleep. I came in and sat down to work, and got very annoyed that it just didn't feel right. I've been at it for about four hours, and I've managed on 20 some pages and some back-tracking work.

Russ just left for a meeting/dinner thingy. I'm going to pop something into the microwave and eat it while I work.

I reformatted the novel and it's now 501 pages. I'm on page 378. I I make it to 400, I think I'll have a good rush toward the end. If I can feel better about it, I'll have even less trouble.

Okay, about a quarter to seven here. I'm going to work at least the next fifteen minutes, and then make food, and then work some more. I'm going to check in now and then to note the work, and maybe feel like I'm getting somewhere.

Okay. Work. Right. I can get this done tonight.

Oh great. My cable connection just went down again. Sigh. Try again...

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