Thursday, October 10, 2002

The PDF version of tomorrow's city agenda is done and already emailed. I still have to do the on-line version, of course, but so far... it's going well enough. I'm happy.

What an odd couple days at Forward Motion. Anyone there knows the story -- and I assume, really, that there aren't many (if any) readers of this blog outside that group. But I will say... you know, it takes a lot of ... nerve to step into a group with over 900 members and accuse the person who runs the group of lying.

And it's all pretty much settled now, I think. Which is good. But it is a reminder to go and check for material using key sentences, not titles or your name. Neither might appear on a stolen piece.

And, by the way, another odd misconception -- it doesn't matter if you don't make any money from it, or if you don't put your name on it -- the item is still stolen. I've noticed the 'As long as I don't make money from it, it's all right' idea in quite a few fanfic circles. That's not true. You are still using copyrighted material, and whether the owner of the copyright wants to pursue stopping you or not is entirely up to them.

Ah. There. Agenda has gone out and dropped back into my email box, so I know it went out properly.

Time, I guess, to go do the on-line version.

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