Tuesday, October 29, 2002

300 more words. That's all I need. I can do this... But I'm really tired tonight!

3:48Am... I can do this...

3:51 Am -- 229 more words.

3:52 am -- 151 words. (Yes, I am getting silly...)

3:58 am 83 words to go. Yes, slowed up there. Transition crap. But I'm past it.

4:01 am 2 words to go. LOL.

4:06 am -- 112 words over what I need. Almost tempted to do more, but I think it's time to sleep.

Good stuff, though. Past the part that had stopped me earlier. Heading into the last of the scenes. I bet it's going to run about 300 phases, which would be excellent. 10 phases a day, and about 270 words per phase (to reach 80,000 -- about the average for the previous five books in the set.)

I'm happy. I can do this.

After I sleep...

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