Sunday, October 27, 2002

545 words to go. And I'm happy with the way this is working out. I'm up to 124 phases. There are going to be several hundred of them, but I think they'll still work well. I also know I'm about to hit a spot in the story where I am changing a great deal again.

I'm surprised to see that I'm just a little over half way through the original plot. Very good. I'm betting it will actually not go much over 300 phases then, unless I add a great deal in on this last half. I might.

I've never worked quite like this before. It's kind of fun to try something new and different. It actually makes the outline something I'm apt to stick closely to, which in this case will help. If it works out, I'll be doing the last two books in the series this way as well. I hope to have the entire series done by February, which whill make it one year from the time it was bought. I would have liked to have had it done by the end of December, but I'm not going to push that hard. Besides, I want December to be a fun month, not a totally crazed one.

Right. Like they're all not crazed. Oh, and I've written 810,550 words so far this year, not counting today's work. That means less than 100,000 for the last two months. Good so far. I hope to get it down even better, so that I can go into December without total panic.

Okay. Back to writing. Another 545 words. I can do that much...

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