Saturday, October 05, 2002

Not dead yet...

While waiting for the journal to upload, I decided to go on with Fighting for Strangers #1. This will be counted for today's stuff -- I've already entered the numbers for Friday. So, it gives me a nice lead on the day when I get back up in a few hours.

Suddenly, I'm really enjoying myself and the work. I wish it had been this way all week. I would have had this book nearly done by ow, although 65 pages isn't too bad for four days work. I'm rather enjoying it, in fact. And the edit on Dacey went very well, once I got the feel again.

It should be getting light outside soon. I should crawl off to bed before then, I suppose. Ah, nice day for work. I like it when I can get done like this and not feel like pounding my head on the keyboard.

Of course, when I get up I need to find out if the web site for the agenda ever reset. It seems unlikely. Russ emailed with a note that he could tell the sites email server was down as well.

Ah well. I really don't care much, except that I hate having work unfinished.

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