Monday, October 28, 2002

I am about half way through my word count for the night. Good. I am half tempted to stop and write on the new short story, but I think I'd be wiser to keep going on this one. I've made it through the 16 pages of orginal material, but there were probably seven or eight pages there that I only took a look at and skipped.

I was thinking about getting done, going to bed... and then I remebered that Russ has to get up at about 4:15. He has a deal to be at for the radio station at 6am. If I go to bed before that, I'll just wake him up when he needs the sleep. He has a horrible cold, and feeling really miserable.

But I'm tired tonight. Really beat. I may have to crawl off to bed anyway, as soon as I get my writing done.

Back to the outline. Just thought of an entire new chapter I want to add in. Good.

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