Saturday, October 26, 2002

I've been up and down today... just too tired to stay awake for some reason. I'm not sure why. Even now, after another four hours of sleep, I'm sitting here by the computer thinking that Russ is going to be gone all day and it's quiet and... I do need to get some work done, but not that badly, right? I could go crawl up in bed again for a while...


In the mean time, I'm going back to work on my two current projects -- the outline/notes for Freedom and Fame and a short story I started last night. The story is going well, I just have to get a better fix on my villian and how his actions would be something that a nature goddess would .... ah. I think I see something. An upsetting of nature, using magic to bring in creatures of his (or her?) own that devastate the land.

Okay. That might work. I'll need a little more build up... Maybe I'll just go sleep on it for awhile. (grin)

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