Monday, October 21, 2002

Not much at all done today. I have a sick kitty (Kincaid). He's still up and moving, so I'm not going to call the vet tonight. Russ will be home in about eight hours, and that helps.

I feel sorry for the poor guy, though. He's pretty miserable. And I didn't help much. I was trying to clean him up and he panicked and leapt into the sink of water. Lucky that I got him before he got totally drenched. I've been trying to dry him off, but he just keeps growling at me. Kin rarely growls.

I didn't want him wet, though. The weather has turned cold, and I really don't want him to get a nasty cold on top of everything else. Well, at least now he's up in the chair, sleeping. Before this, I couldn't get him to get up off the floor.

I should get some writing done, but I'm having trouble concentrating for a number of reasons.


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