Saturday, October 12, 2002

The agenda material does not want to upload. Sigh. I got a few pieces up, and I'll try again later. Right now I'm taking a break to do other work. Writing. If I kept at the agenda and it kept bombing out like that, I'm afraid I would do harm to my computer before I ever got to writing.

Going to the zoo tomorrow? I suspect I will. It takes a lot to get me to drop a zoo trip. It's going to be a long day there, though, and I'll have to be careful of my camera battery power or I'll not be able to take pictures all the way to the end. And yes, that is important to me.

Oh. Better check on batteries and get them charged up. Good plan. Maybe I'll take the bag of M&M's with me, too. Hmmm....

I'm tired. Which is good, by the way. I would like to get to bed at a fairly good hour tonight, so that getting up at 7am to head for Omaha doesn't kill me. (grin) The only other alternative would be to stay up... and that's really not a good plan.

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