Monday, October 28, 2002

Sometimes I wonder what makes me tick.

I spent today with my little list of things that I need to get done. Not much of a list, really. Prepare five articles for Vision. (I did eight, I think.) Take notes based on 16 pages of the original manuscript for Freedom and Fame.

Every time I sat down to do that part, I found myself skating off to do something else instead. Nothing important. I finally took the papers and notecards and headed into the tub for a while. Headache, I told myself. A bath will help. I did two and a half notes, and then fell over asleep.

I came back out. I sat down to work, and found myself bouncing around the Internet instead. Huh. Stop that. Called up the outline. Looked at the papers... and started typing. Did about 700 words so far. Still moving well, even if I am here on a short little break. I'm about to cut a huge section of the original, and I need to cover some of the material from it in a new way. But it is going well. I'm on page 110 of the original. There is only 181 pages to it total. I shouldn't have much trouble getting this part done and being ready for November.

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