Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Another day...

I did get through the difficult chapter last night. And if I'd written another 196 words I would have had 30,000 for the month. Over all, not doing too badly. Let's hope that I can do as well next month when I need it.

Someone read my alien internet story yesterday and left me a nice note at Forward Motion. That's such a nice feeling. And I'm still getting occasional notes on Seri Ember.

Maybe I should write more short stories. (grin)

But right now I'm getting a little work done. First article for Vision is edited and about to go off to the copyeditor. I've a few more to do, and then I need to round up some other material for the ezine. I've gotten quite a few articles already, but there are certain holes that I would like to fill, if possible.

All in all, pretty good so far. Now If my cats would just stop trying to climb all over me...

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