Tuesday, October 15, 2002


Well, whatever flu, miserable stuff has been going around, it seems to have caught up with me. I just hope Russ doesn't catch it, since he's flying off to New York on Thursday, and won't be home until Monday. Tonight he's up in Sioux Falls teaching a class for Gateway. He's been getting two or three of those a week when he's in town, but this is the first one up there.

I spent the day in bed and crawled out to see how things are going at Forward Motion. Looks good so far. I have several other emails to answer.

I have Vision to work on as well. I'm having a few problems there with the last issue of the year. I think people are trying to drive me nuts with that one.

Mostly, I would just like to crawl off somewhere for a while... but I guess I'll get some work done instead...

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