Wednesday, October 09, 2002

I got ill just after I posted that. I've had an ongoing problem with my right ear. Dizzy, ill, miserable -- but I got past it. Russ and I went out to dinner tonight to celebrate his latest writing sale. He'll be doing a piece on Lewis and Clark for Fodors. You know, the travel guide people...

At any rate, it was pretty much a good day after the bout of being so miserable. I'm getting some writing done tonight. I've done a little Vision editing, and I might even break down and watch something tonight. I'm not sure yet. Russ is off helping a friend with a computer problem. I'll wait until he gets home and see how it goes from there... but as late as it is getting, I suspect he'll want to go to bed instead.

That's all right. I would like to get at least half of this new chapter done.

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