Friday, October 04, 2002

So, here is where I'm sitting for totals today:

Days left in year
Words left to write
Words left per day

That's down quite a bit from the 2981.14 I had yesterday, thanks to some good writing last night.

(PDF file just finished transmitting... excellent. I'll have two copies coming back into my mailbox now, just to make certain that it both went out, and one of the touchier mail systems is working.)

I'm tempted to go take a nice, relaxing bath before I try to work tonight. Or maybe a few pages, then a bath, then a bit more work. Russ might be calling soon, so I might as well wait for a bit and see if he does...

Yes, good plan. Time to do the kind of work that I hope will actually pay off sometime, and get me out of this agenda work! (grin)

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