Tuesday, October 01, 2002

I ended up with 3015 words. Good count, good scene.

I went to bed about 9am, got back up a few minutes later... and found that one of the cats had been ill, and there were spots of blood all over the kitchen floor.

I was fairly certain I knew who it had been. Cricket has an ongoing bladder infection that the vet can't clear up and can't figure out. She gets it, gets better, gets it again. She doesn't usually vomit blood, though, so I worried over her, getting up every couple hours to see how she was doing. She stayed up and moving all day (better than me, in fact), and was quite happy tonight when I opened up one of the really expensive cans of cat food for them.

I'll be watching her tonight and tomorrow. If she starts looking bad, into the cat carrier she goes tomorrow, and we take a nice long walk down to the vet.

But to say that I'm really worn down...

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