Friday, February 22, 2002


Russ quit his job this afternoon. The inability to work around at least one person who, while not the boss, held too much power in the company made it just impossible for him to continue there. He's back to freelance work, which means far more days away from home again, probably. I know he has something lined up in New York again. He'll probably even do some freelance work for the company because there are some outstanding projects that need completed.

It's quite a shock though. Tight times coming again, but we managed fine the last time. Since we'd already decided to drop the cable (and, alas, the cable modem) that will be a big chunk of our expenses. I've already started throwing out book flyers so that I'm not tempted. (grin)

I had hoped he would make it the full year, that we would reach June and our anniversary, and maybe have a chance to take a trip this year like 'the old days' (grin-- it's only been one year without the trip!), but I fully understand his reasoning behind this. I had hoped he'd make it past my birthday (two weeks from today) for purely selfish reasons. But that's life. Sometimes these things just happen.

I had been considering quiting the work for the city since I've been at it for what -- five years? -- and I'd grown just damn tired of the same things, the same problems, the same annoyances week after week. But it's easy money, at least.

So tonight I'm working on the agenda, Vision, maybe some work on the novel though I'm not quite in the sort of mood where I should try that, I think. We'll see.

Time to work on something, though.

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