Monday, February 25, 2002

Well no, it's not done, thank you.

I made it to page 300. Then I was hit up side the head with a four page free verse poem about a woman asking a lover from her past to meet her in the woods again. I have no idea where that came from, but it was one of those pieces that had to be written RIGHT THEN or lost. So I wrote. Russ really liked it, too.

But now I am on page 300 of 445. Holly Lisle has repeatedly pointed out my trouble with the word 'was' so this time I am doing a last run through with the find function and seeing how many of them I can change into active constructions. This takes longer than I had expected. However, if I keep doing this will all my work, I know that I'll start making the changes ahead of time. Not a perfect answer to passive voice, but at least something that will help.

Page 311. I must get it done and get on to other things. Vision. The last of the work for the dare. And then on to Brendan's Song, and I hope it goes at least as well as this one did.

The temp is 19, the windchill is 0. No snow, of course -- that would be too nice.

Yes, off to work.

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