Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Today was the day to step back, to look things over -- to edit 135 pages of another, unrelated manuscript -- and to consider how to handle the eight books. I have a plan. I have a plan so cunning you could... well, never mind. No more Blackadder for me for a while.

I think taking a step back has been a real help, though. I also, by chance, picked up a small book to read off the shelves called The Structure of Medieval Society by Christopher Brooke. Aside from some very readable prose, it has l.Lots of very nice pictures of old city streets, one of which leapt out at me as a street close to the opening of Brendan's Song. And that drew me a little more into the book and the concise outline of how society worked. That, too, will help with Brendan's Song. Details. Little notes.

But first I have to finish the work on Aubreyan. I'm close. I also have to get Vision ready, of course. So far it all looks good.

On Thursday I will have an official Author's Chat at Cybling.com. I must not only remember this, but start to tell people as well.

But right now... time to go write.

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