Thursday, February 14, 2002

Well, so far it's not exactly been the best morning. Russ should be leaving in a few minutes -- right now he's delivering Princess Cricket to the vet for the next few days (she has an on-going problem that started up again, so better that she's there now, then have to go AFTER he's left). He's going to have to restart the FreeNet computer since it looks like it's down.

And Pip's tail got caught in a door, and I can't tell if it's a serious problem or if he's just totally wired and weirded out by it -- he's run all over for the last hour, keeps cleaning the spot on his tail (which is not swollen), and keeps trying to hide under the bed. He did come out and eat a bit, though.

I was doing fine with the idea that Russ was leaving, even with the FBI alert up. And that he was going to Chicago, which doesn't exactly sound safe at a time like this. Now my stomach is in knots and I'm going nuts.

I hate this stuff.

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