Thursday, February 14, 2002

The library web site is uploading. I've taken pictures of my Valentine's Day presents for Russ and will be doing my regular journal next. Network 54 finally has a maintainence notice up on the site, so I know it's not just me anymore. And Russ just emailed me, so I know he's doing all right! He said it was windy when they landed in Chicago, but otherwise everything was fine.

The very last of the web site work is uploading. I just have my journal to do, but first I have to upload some pictures from the camera.

Oh, that's the other thing!

I've had three days here with just stupid little things going wrong. A couple days ago the furnace refused to turn on. It's fine now. Then yesterday, while out shopping for groceries for me for this next four days, I dropped the camera about three feet to a cement floor. I turned it on and it said it couldn't find the disk. So off it went, we got through shopping, and went home. Still couldn't find the disk. I finally popped the back open and found that the disk had just slipped out of place. I placed it back in the right spot and it worked fine after that. But it was a few minutes of 'oh no not the camera!'

(Yes, the camera does go everywhere with me, but normally it's inside my purse. I had some rolled papers in there, though, and didn't want to crunch them. It was on my shoulder, and caught on a freezer door.)

Then, today, we have Pip and his tail, and Russ heading off to Chicago. Individually, none of them would have bothered me for very long. And in fact, even as a group -- with the exception of Pip's tail -- have bothered me for long. But I do hope the rest of the week goes quietly. (grin)

I see a lot of other people doing fancy things with their blogs, and I keep thinking I should do something... but you know, I do so much web stuff already that I really don't want to make this more than just a place to do a few notes. I don't even keep an archive. If anything important really happens, I'll archive it in the regular journal anyway. In one of my few sane moments, I've realized that I don't need another distraction.

There, last stuff uploaded. Time to do the journal and then write. I see a long night ahead! Yay!

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