Monday, February 11, 2002

Let's talk about inspiration here. I'm having trouble getting inspired for any work since the beginning of the year. This has not stopped me from writing, of course, but none of the stories have quite taken off the way I expected. I'm not sure why because I've had some great 'working up to it' days. Ideas seem to be strong, right up until I start putting them down in words. I need to get inspired because I don't want to be in a bad mood when I sit down to write. That doesn't help.

I have four unfinished pieces right now. One is just an article that needs a few pieces pasted on the end. No big deal there. I will probably do it this afternoon.

The second is Aubreyan, which is the rewrite of a much older novel. And it's not going badly. I think if I applied myself to it, I could have it really moving. But it is a rewrite and though I'm retyping everything from scratch, it's still not... inspired the way new work is.

A novelette about to become a novella is The Hunter and The Hunted, and I think last night I might have finally happened on part of the problem there. I was dragging things out, and these characters do much better when they are in dire situations. I need to get them out of hiding and back to work. Never mind all this angst over the death of a friend crap (grin). Now it's time for them to go find out why she was killed.

And that brings us (finally) to The Game of Time. I started it. I was bored. I think I had a bad POV character -- or at least I hadn't defined the one I was using well enough. And maybe it's too pat, the way they all get together. Yeah, I think right now, I see a major change in the set up and that might work. It means starting from scratch, which is something I don't often do --but it was obvious this was not working.

I think I've just been inspired.

Maybe it's time to get to work.

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