Friday, February 15, 2002


I have stuff uploading, and then a little bit more work before I am well and truly done.

The novel I'm working on, Aubreyan, is an old fashioned fantasy quest novel. It even has elves, cursed swords, and magic that can destroy the world. And it's moving along very well.

It's when working on something like this that I truly understand the 'write what you want to read' maxim. Aubreyan is the first of eight books, and they take the characters to a variety of worlds, some of which have sf elements. I know this series wouldn't have a chance in a print market. Too many books, and the combination of sf/fantasy would doom it with an editor. But I enjoy them. I want to make them better, and that's why I started the rewrite.

The series might have a chance in an epublishing market because quite often those editors are interested in something that might be a little unusual. In fact, I might have some interest in the set right now, though this is way too early to tell. And the interest came after I began the rewrite, so I was already well into Abby. I have made a submission to the place, with a few chapters of Abby and a brief explanation covering the rest of the novels. I really don't expect the books to be picked up, but since I was already working on them it seemed worth the try.

Will I stop if the books don't go? No, I won't. I'll still want to make this series the best that I can, and I'll try it other places. Maybe, eventually, it will sell. Maybe not. Maybe I should be working harder on material I'm more certain of selling....

But sometimes I have to write something just because I love it. This is such a case. It's going to be a long, long battle to make it through all eight. I am doing the 'read a few pages and then sit down and start typing' method of rewrite. Some of the material is very close to the original. Some of it is better dropped and never remembered. I'm filling in holes and correcting plot inconsistencies that I never would have seen when I was younger. Maybe this is just a training exercise again. Whatever it is, I'm enjoying it.

Time to get back to work, in fact!

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