Saturday, February 02, 2002

I finally just did my totals for January. I thought it was a poor month, but it looks like it was just may attitude that was poor. I wrote a bit over 50,000, which puts it 5,000 over what I did last year in January. I managed to finish a few things, sent a lot of material off, and made four sales. I guess I can stop complaining about it, now, right?

Russ had to go do some work on the FreeNet server, so he's just going to grab some Taco Bell and bring it home. It's nearly 9PM but I got up so late that I'm only now starting to feel up for dinner. I also started out with an awful cough today, but some nice tea has settled that down.

I worked a little bit on The Game of Time today. Part of it was messing with the names to get them a little less alike. I'm still not sure of the one female name, but I'll stick with it for now. I love search/replace features.

And I feel better tonight, I think. I've got my four people to the museum, they're going to meet their fifth member for the first time. Something odd is going to happen. It will take a second time before it really kicks in, though.

Ah, I love writing.

And I have a very short story -- maybe even flash fiction -- plaguing me right now. I might have to stop and write it to get it out of my head. A very dark story, not like much of what I write at all.

I'm just waiting for dinner before I throw myself into any writing. I'm looking forward to it tonight.

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