Saturday, February 09, 2002

I just finally uploaded the last of the web work for the day.

It's not that it's hard work. I enjoy a lot of it. But it takes so damn long! And after so many hours at the computer, I'm not always as thrilled with idea of a few more to write some words.

Tonight I'm kind of half way in between.

I love writing. There is nothing I would rather do, and quite often there's nothing else I have to do. While I get frustrated with web work, it's not exactly the worst job I could have. I've worked in factories (the worst), in an office (or maybe that was worse), taking care of a bunch of kids (Okay, that one really wins as the absolute worst job, and why I don't have kids myself), and bookstores (nice really), and now the web work. The web work pay is bad. The hours are generally good, and the fact that I can get done and write is wonderful. I had limited myself to working three days a week on web sites -- Wednesday through Friday. Two things changed that this week. First, I was at the zoo on Friday, and second was that they didn't get the agenda to me until this afternoon.

Now I think I can start writing. A few hours of work and I'll be a much happier person....

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