Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Web work, Vision, Web work. Maybe writing in a bit, but so far that's eluded me.

And I think we're having problems with the furnace. (Watching the temp drop from 38f to 33f in the last half hour). I know we're having problems, but I may have gotten past part of it. The thing had just turned itself completely off. Now I suspect the fan is out. Not good. And it looks as though we might have more snow coming later this week. Ack. Just ack.

And Russ is leaving for the west coast tomorrow or the next day. He's just going to be thrilled to hear about this problem when he gets home.

In the mean time, I've finally found the topic for my Editor's note. I have a couple hundred words on that, which should be about the last thing I need to write for this issue, except for the 'about' section -- and can't do that until I have it all in and put together in the right order.

I did all right on writing last night. I suspect I'll do well again tonight despite the little bits of annoyances. Just hope Russ gets home soon!

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