Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Hello everyone. Yes, I'm back again, still alive and everything!

I have not started writing yet. I'm not entirely certain what it is I have been doing today, but it wasn't writing. A little editing, but I didn't think it was taking me that long! I think I stared out the window for great long stretches of time, giving my brain a rest. That must have been it. Right.

If I can get another 10,000 tonight I might have this done Thursday or Friday. How odd. How odd that it's going so well.

And odd, too, that this starts out reading like an old fashioned fantasy series with all the old fashioned creatures and such. I had even started out with that as my entire intention. But by the end of the second book I realized I really needed to keep stepping a little farther away from the original 'world' and find new places to take my two MCs. That's when I decided to make that big leap to an SF world that is touched with magic. There will be forewarning of it in the last of the first book, though if anyone actually realizes it, I'm not certain.

Close to being done...

Starting count: 62,144

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