Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Well, okay. That's better. My left foot was so badly swollen for most of the day that I couldn't get my shoe on. Is at on the recliner and grumbled a lot. Hot day. No AC. Foot hurt. Not a good mood.

I didn't even have my Visor because I was in too bad of a mood to use it. But that didn't turn off my mind. And by the time the foot was somewhat better, I had come up with a great new addition to my new novel that I am doing the worldbuilding for. I sat down and did a little mapping, even.

Then I came back to the computer and learned to nice things. First, Aubreyan is now available at Fictionwise, and second was a nice note saying Dark Moon Rising accepted a story for the August issue.

So, not such a bad day after all, even though I have given up all hope of going out on my world building trip.

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